Sonntag, 29. August 2010

out of my mind..

today is my friend's birthday, so we made a lot of party yesterday. because of that I'm not really fit right now.. as you can see on the pictures :)
lauras birthday wasn't very pleasant yet, so i just want to sweeten her day and make her smile.
well, happy birthday laura !
i love you <3

shirt (closed) leggings (h&m) jewellery (h&m, vintage)

Donnerstag, 26. August 2010

here comes the sun

hey guys!
first of all I’d like to introduce myself. my name’s stefanie (ste, steffi, steff) and I’m 16 years old. i life in a small village
in austria ( not where the kangaroos are! ). the place where I life is really nice, but not that nice for me. I mean it’s o.k. here, it’s quiet and clear,
everybody knows everybody. but this goes along with a lot of disadvantages.. you can’t imagine how much gossip we have here..
I sometimes just want to leave all that behind.. I want to see the big big world instead of hanging around at the lake
of constance. I want to explore something new..

I'm really into fashion, but the fashion industry here is not really on its top, except you are very interested in Dirndl :)
so for me, it's very hard to wear, what I'd love to. I mean everybody starts starring at you, just because you step
out of line. that's not so easy, especially for me, because I'm not that confident.
I definitely have to work on that..


As you may already realized: I’m new here, so I’m not really familiar with all this stuff. but I think I'm getting used to it-sometime...

By the way.. I'm wearing a cardingan from killah, a shirt from H&M, a belt from H&M, shoes from H&M(the jimmy choo collection), a ray ban from my mum and vintage jewellery